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"How it works to advertise on".

SB: First thing, REGISTER (at no charge), NO MEMBERSHIP is required, then select between Premium Plus or Platinum plan. Select the number of month, and have your publications advertised in minutes on the most relevant Business Publications Internet Store. REGISTER NOW!

"Is it really a direct advertising service?".
SB: YES - will link business readers directly to a shopping cart of your choice, usually your site.
For each of your publications, ebooks, tapes, videos, ... you will have the choice of two preferred links per items usually your author web site and/or the page where to purchase it. (this can be changed anytime).

"Is there any additional fees along postings?".
SB: Absolutely no commissions, no membership, no annual fees, no pay-per-click.

"How long it takes to advertise?".

SB: Average process is usually 15 mins.
eCheck will take 2-3 business days to clear.

"Are payments secure with".
SB: YES - payments are secure via Paypal an ebay Company.

"Can I update, change a title, price, discount or any other info".

SB: YES - You have 100% control of your ad. Anytime.

"How about short advertising period and renew".
SB: You decide the number of months, 1, 3 or 12 months.

"How many plans are available?".
2 Plans are available:
1/ Publication(s) featured on TOP Home (2 Ads max. guaranted) is PLATINUM
2/ Home featured (text link, and cover thumbnail on right side location) is PREMIUM PLUS

Twice a year we offer non featured publications available via search only - no cover and no text link on home page. Contact us to receive yours

PLATINUM subscribers will receive side posting (Premium Plus features) automatically at no additional charges.

"Is there any other locations where my publications will be seen?".
EACH new publications posted on are listed in Jobs Alerts sent to candidates registered on our partner high traffic site

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