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The B2B E-commerce Handbook
 By Matt Haig /

Was:   $34.00
Price:   $32.50 —Buy DIRECT and SAVE BIG!
 YOU SAVE:   $1.50 (4%)

Availability:   Usually 24hrs
Category:   Internet Sales

The rapid development of B2B e-marketing shows that the Internet is not just a new place to do business but constitutes a whole new method and model for commerce. Compared to the unpredictability of the B2C sector, B2B has emerged as the most solid...

Publisher:   Kogan Page
Publication Year:   2002
ISBN:   0749435771
Edition:   Hardcover — 320 pages;
Dimensions:   (inches) — 1.1 x 9.4 x 6.3

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    Matt Haig - The B2B E-commerce Handbook

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